bestfriends XOXO

well this is it ,

i do laugh,i do smile,i do cry,i do jerky things. sometime i feel like i'm going to die without my friends support,when i quarell with 'em . that's the foolish one,u noe.i want to make they happy for me . not for my jike, action or what . i want they appreciate me fr who i am . not just cause i help them , hate me because i'm selfish . i do love my friends . they do make me smile . but i think i have no bestfriend instead a laughter friends who doesn't care enough bout me . sorry to say to those my friends who read this . it wasn't to hurt yr feeling . but it is from my true heart truly. btw, dear mads ,zati . tengs fr taking care of me --remember that stu*id fever? ahha . thnx besties . I love you . thanks noori adibah . you make my heart even better with your love ,